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FCI 7 club show Sládkovičovo, SK 26.5.2019

FCI 7 club show Sládkovičovo, SK 26.5.2019


FREIA Silver Sfinx
Puppy class – Very promising 1, puppy BOB (/2) ♥
Judge Zita Krepsová, CZ

Assesment: height 58cm, half-year-old bitch of medium-strong bones, correct head, in development, correct posture and movement, calm nature.

My handling:
EVORY Majesty Thug „Keira“ (HSV) – working cl. – VG 5 (/6) /due to color/

Special Weimaraner club show Slavkov u Brna, CZ 4.5.2019


FREIA Silver Sfinx
Puppy class – Very promising 4 (/6)
Judge MVDr. Miroslav Kalich (CZ)

Beautiful assesment „6 months old bitch, slightly rectangular frame, medium strong skeleton, without defects in skeleton, excellent coat and color, excellent angulation“ and verbal praise „she is beautiful, already fully toothed, well prepared and presented bitch“. Miss just needs time to grow up and make herself strong.

I thank the judge for nice words and everyone for the company at this nice show in the beautiful castle area. Also congratulations to all successful!

On the photo Freia (middle) with her uncles, Earl Grey Silver Sfinxon the left and El de Madrid Silver Sfinx on the right. Photo: Martin Odráška

Slovak elite puppy show, Victory show and CAC Bratislava 23.-24.2.2019

Slovak elite puppy show, Victory show and CAC Bratislava 23.-24.2.2019


  • Slovak elite puppy show, Bratislava 23.2.2019

FREIA Silver Sfinx:
Minor puppy class – very promising 1, Slovak Elite Minor Puppy Winner!
Started Slovak puppy champion
Judge Tibor Havelka, SK

  • Victory Show, Bratislava 23.2.2019

BELLA Zeuleus:
Champion class – excellent 3
Judge Jana Janek, SK
Handling Kristína Munková, thank you.

  • CAC Bratislava 24.02.2019

BELLA Zeuleus:
Champion class – excellent 2 res.CAC
Judge Jozef Jursa, SK
Handling Simona Garanová, thank you.

FREIA Silver Sfinx:
Minor puppy class – very promising 1
Judge Jozef Jursa, SK

My handling:
CECILY Gurdau „Chiara“ (HSV) – junior cl. – VG 4
EVORY Majesty Thug „Keira“ (HSV) – working cl. – Exc. 1 CAC

So, another show weekend is behind us, not all did as well as we wished for but it does not matter, we enjoyed it so much anyway :) I'm most proud of my little gray „Spaghetti“ for managing her debut over my expectations and behaving like a pro. She was like at home in the ring, showed her teeth perfectly, moved beautifully, never slipped, she stood like a goddess even despite her baby age and she also presented herself flawlessly in the final ring.
Thanks again to the judges, the owners and friends for these two awesome days and congratulations to all successful friends from other breeds too!

Photo: Martin Odráška



Bella celebrated her 4th birthday working on today's hunt in beautiful weather, she has done a great job and managed a number of difficult and excellently executed retrieves. At the total amount of 311 pheasants she received great praise from the others present. Thank you for the super company and mood, prudence and caution in shooting and, last but not least, for inviting and helping us! And not to forget, little Freia was also with us there to get a little sniff on her future working carreer, getting used to the sound of (even though) distant shooting, but also to rest and wait in the box (in the car).

Photo: me & Martin Odráška

National finals of Junior handling for the year 2018


This weekend the culmination of the Junior Handling year took place, where 10 finalists (5 of the younger and 5 of the older category) competed in the National finals of Junior handling, where only the ones with the highest scores of the past season qualified. Among them was a talented 17-year-old Karin Štibravá and she chose our Bella as the dog she would be handling. They were excellent together and in the end got the absolute 3rd place, which for Karin means that she will be the representant of Slovakia at the European Dog Show 2019 in Wels, Austria. Congratulations!

Photo: Roman Nemesszeghy

New member of our family and kennel!


Two is better than one and so this little grey happiness joined us – I present you our new weimaraner addition, Freia Silver Sfinx (JCh Ch JBISS CW BISS Alacer Royal Splendour „U“ x Ch GCh BISS Coco Délice Silver Sfinx, *15.11.2018)!
It's been a while since my diagnosis got worse and I thought one dog is just not enough, so it was only a matter of time. Although my plans for the choice of breed was slightly different, it was impossible to resist to this little miss. I believe you will hear more about her in the future :)




When one has the right people around them, their support and positivity, what others gave up and called impossible becomes suddenly possible. After about a month of joint effort with Bell, I see more progress than in her entire previous training under „professional“ leadership. At least you can see how important it is to have the right approach. Today's total amount of 314 pheasants. Thanks for the invitation.



She's not just a show model ;) She also has contributed a little bit to the total amount of almost 300 pheasants. Once again great thanks for inviting us, perfect atmosphere, even better company and of course for photos too!

Photo: Martin Odráška

2x CACIB Wels, AT 8.-9.12.2018


  • Saturday

BELLA Zeuleus:
Champion class – Exc.1 CACA CACIB Best female BOS
Judge: Nenad Maric, SRB

  • Sunday

BELLA Zeuleus:
Champion class – Exc.1 CACA CACIB Best female BOS
Judge: Anatoli Zhuk, RS

The Wels show was the last of this season and probably the most beautiful and also very successful. Bella returned into the ring after a 5-month pause, pleasantly surprising me and rocked it: this weekend she became AUSTRIAN CHAMPION aaaand..... INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION – C.I.E.!!!! Great thanks to the judges for the beautiful reviews, all the friends for this gorgeous weekend full of fun, laughter, relax and even small personal wins outside the show ring. Also congratulations to everyone else!

Photo: Martin Odráška

DANUBE CACIB Bratislava 27.10.2018

DANUBE CACIB Bratislava 27.10.2018


I don't enter Bella for shows much anymore, but today I borrowed her to talented Kristína Munková for Junior handling competition and together they won beautiful 1st place. Congratulations!

CACIB Oberwart, AT & CACIB Szombathely, HU 14.-5.7.2018


  • Saturday CACIB Oberwart, AT 14.7.2018

BELLA Zeuleus:
Champion class – Exc. 2 res.CACA res.CACIB
Judge: Heliane Maissen-Jarisch, AT

  • Sunday CACIB Szombathely, HU 15.7.2018

BELLA Zeuleus:
Champion class – Exc. 1 CAC CACIB
Judge: Zoran Brankovic, SRB

Fulfilled show conditions for Champion of Hungary and also for C.I.B.!

Photo: Jiří Belšán