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JCh Ch EpW'19 Freia Silver Sfinx

Date of birth: 15 November 2018
Registration: ČLP/VOK/11121 / SPKP 1972
​Breed: Weimaraner shorthaired
Sex: Bitch
Height: 64cm
Sire: ALACER Royal Splendour
Dam: COCO DÉLICE Silver Sfinx
COI: 0,141%
Breeder: Jiří a Milena Santarius
Owner: Adela Cori
Pedigree: WeimaranerPedi­grees


Puppy Champion of Slovakia
Junior Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Hungary
Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Croatia

Slovak Elite Minor Puppy Winner 2019
European Puppy Winner 2019 + best puppy female
Club winner 2021
BIS working 1st

Cruft's 2020 qu­alification
Candidate for Champion of Slovenia and Austria

List of attended shows


  • Tracking exam (FSS):

2nd prize, 47 points

  • Autumn exam (JSS):

2nd prize, 155 points

In training for further examinations and actively used in hunting practice

List of attended exams


Will be tested soon
Full dentition, scissors bite
No white marks

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