About us

Who are we

My name is Adela Cori and I come from and still live in Bratislava, Slovakia. Since I was a child, I have had a very warm relationship with nature, hills, forests also thanks to my love of orienteering, in which I was even a representative of the Slovak Republic for some time, and of course animals, especially horses - I rode as a child and helped with various jobs in the stables, and of course with dogs, but a few times I took home everything from cats, to hamsters, rabbits, to snails, and at the moment I also have several hundred raindrops (worms) in the vermicomposter. Yes, in an apartment 😁 But I'm already far ahead, so let's go back about two decades. Unfortunately, none of those animals warmed up at home for a long time, as my mother did not want to let me have any animals in an apartment.... So for several years I used to go in my free time to walk dogs to shelter called Sloboda zvierat in Bratislava's Polianky. I always tried to change the dogs to give them as much chance as possible to find themselves outside the pen and shelter area for a while, but of course I had a few favorites 🥰 Every time one of them was adopted, the joy of their new home struggled in me with the sadness that I would never see them again. It had to be enough for me to warm my heart that they would be fine.

How it all started

A close family member, after the passing of his first dog, Leonberger Leon, acquired a Hungarian Vizsla Arria in 2007, which then fully kicked off my canine diagnosis, even though she was mutually ours, never completely mine. Selected by me among the siblings (the smallest, of lightest color and only one with a white mark on the hind paw) and also named (from the Italian word "aria" = air), but I never lived with her and unfortunately we spent only a few days together once in a while and the stronger the bond between us was and the more she meant to me. She was my support during the most difficult times I experienced, when I felt that I was standing alone against everyone besides her. We were so incredibly connected that verbal communication was not necessary at all, a thought was enough and we were on the same page. I can count the times she disobeyed or did something differently than I wanted on the fingers of one hand, and I can't blame her at all, because these are almost all the situations in which she literally saved my life. Without this fateful princess, I wouldn't be here today and I wouldn't write these lines.... I owe her a lot, thanks to her, my second passion grew in me, which greatly affected my life - photography, - but about that another time. As is the case with families, sometimes the two parties simply do not get along well and the communication (and therefore the meetings with her) grow to be less and less frequent, until there was a time when I had not seen her for years 😞

I missed her very much and I knew that I would not last long without a furry partner, so as soon as I became independent and it was possible, Bella happened to come to my life. Why by chance? The plan was to look for current litters, see their parents, various kennels and choose wisely. One day, however, a phone call came from Arria's breeder that he had just had puppies and if I would come and look at them and take pictures of them. I agreed, came, played, took pictures and fell in love with the smallest bitch of lightest color with a white mark on the same hind paw and one on her chest, I left with a reservation 🙈 When I found out that the mother of the litter is our Arria's half-sister and they are related, I could not have decided otherwise, my heart screamed that it was a sign of destiny. At that time, I was not yet interested in exhibitions or trials and hunting practice, and in truth I did not even know what it was all about, as Arria was never led to do so. I was just looking for unrelated and healthy parents and a responsible approach from the kennel, I did not know the criteria for choosing a future champion or a good worker. Bell was supposed to be "just" a partner in life, on trips, running, etc., at that time I was pretty hooked on videos about agility, dog dancing and I planned to try that. But the much-mentioned fate wanted it differently, and we basically didn't even get to these activities. The turning point came when I decided that we would try to go to a dog show, considering it would be taking place nearby, just around the corner on the Petržalka racetrack, so I started to study everything, what, how, why, what it means. I didn't expect that it would interest me so much and for the first time I would connect the dots as to why to get a dog with pedigree, what the breeding is about, and I was completely surprised when we came to the show, came to the ring with Bell and as I was quite stressed. instead of thinking, I said out loud "what the hell am I supposed to do?!" and everyone around, including the judge, Mrs. Jana Janeková, began to laugh amusedly. I was very lucky to have such great judge as her at my show premiere, because Mrs. Janeková kindly and patiently explained everything to me, what and why she does, what is she looking at on the dog, what and how to train for the future.... I listened to her advice, with Bell as a little puppy, we trained the show presentation, started socializing even more for sensations and situations similar to the exhibition busy environment, and took part in other shows a few more times, until we both really enjoyed it 🙂 Later came hunting training and exams followed by hunting practice, which taught us both a lot. And one winter February day of 2017, confirmation of the establishment of my own kennel landed in my mailbox. Gradually, dogs became so much a part of my life that my mother succumbed to this, she reconsidered her ban on "no animals in the apartment" and also bought a Vizsla. Although Chiara is not hunted or shown, so she is not a brood female, she is an integral part of our kennel.

The founder of breeding in kennel Firehunter's was supposed to be Bella according to our original plans, but despite the beautiful exterior underlined by many show successes in several countries, negative above-standard health results and active use in hunting practice, in the end I  decided not to breed her due to not completely suitable and unstable character and certain undesirable features that I do not want to pass on to future generations. The purpose of this kennel is not to have puppies just because ..... (let each insert one of the selfish reasons of puppy mills) regardless of whether the parents of the litter have something to offer to develop and enhance the breed and therefore Bella is (just like Arria was and Chiara is) neutered and will never have offspring.

In the light of this decision, the question arose, what next, will another dog be the same breed again or some other? The considerations were long, but in the end the choice fell on an interesting but less known breed of pointing dog, which is not yet in Slovakia. Everything looked promising, a kennel was selected in the country of origin, all communicated with the breeder, I only had to choose a specific puppy and settle the transport. I was already going to buy plane tickets when the breeder called me after a long pause with the words that he prefers a local applicant and so it all fell apart.... I was very sad, but I said to myself that it probably isn't meant to be. I believe it will become reality one day. A few days later, an acquaintant called me to take pictures of a litter of Weimaraners, from where he was also about to take a puppy. And guess what, the story repeated itself 😅 I came, took the pictures and I fell in love with to only bitch from the litter, the other puppies were all boys. According to the breeders, there were a lot of people interested in her, but everyone just wanted her "on the couch" and thanks to my plans and ambitions, I was lucky that they chose me. And so Freia joined us, and is today a breeding bitch, which not only met but also exceeded all expectations. And this is where our breeding journey begins.

Origin of the kennel's name

To come up with an appropriate name for the kennel, which would describe not only the bred breeds, but also me and my values, ​was not easy at all. I thought about it for about 2 months daily, I didn't want anything related to localization or derived from names. There was a lot of ideas, but it didn't fit in with any of them. One day I woke up from a dream in which forests and fields were burning, but a group of hunting dogs did not stop working, searching, pointing and retrieving game as if nothing so destructive was happening around. And at that moment, I knew this was it - Firehunter's. Fire is an important and often recurring symbol of many things and aspects of life for me, and the hunter part, I think, is not necessary to explain in the case of pointing dogs and hunting breeds in general - their original purpose, legacy, centuries of breeding for this task. I also wanted to illustrate all this in the kennel logo and in addition to that, to point out the exterior and the English term 'conformation', which is represented by the silhouette in stack, as I do not want to breed purely for work or purely for show. I think that the ideal representative of any hunting breed should have the best of both worlds - strong working talents but also a functional exterior that will support his drive.

Chránený názov ch.s.
Chránený názov ch.s.

Goals and principles

The aim of the kennel is to breed quality puppies from well-balanced parents who excel especially in the field of work but also in shows, with excellent health and possibly other sports results. Our aim is also to achieve greater genetic diversity in the population of the breed by the influx of new blood from abroad and we also care about the diversity of the gene pool of our offspring, which significantly reduces the likelihood of any hereditary diseases caused by parental relationships and increases overall dog health.

When choosing a stud dog, we rely mainly on the perfect knowledge of our bitches, their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. We will always try to find an unrelated stud dog with an ideal combination of work skills, nice exterior, good character and strong health. Although we are willing to work with minor shortcomings of the parents for the great advantages of the mating, which we are convinced about (otherwise we would not make such a combination), the stud dog must never have the same shortcomings as the bitch. His selection will be preceded by detailed analyzes of pedigrees and available information, a personal meeting with the owner and the dog itself before mating and its evaluation with our own eyes, as we do not intend to be satisfied only with verbal praise or photos.

Our dogs live in a domestic and loving environment with a lot of employment, whether in the form of training, long walks or various activities, but they also have precisely defined rules. Puppies will be raised in the same conditions. There will always be a distance of at least two heat seasons between the litters of one bitch and throughout all her life she will receive above-standard care and quality food.
Our minimum requirements for a stud dog, as well as for our bitches: HD A/A, ED 0/0, for Weimaraners also a negative examination for DCM, working trials, at least one beauty championship of one of member countries of the FCI and, last but not least, good character. Tests for hereditary eye defects, PRA-prcd (progressive retinal atrophy), long hair gene, allergological test or other examinations with negative results are also an advantage.