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3x Danube CACIB Bratislava


REIA Silver Sfinx
Junior class
25.10.2019 - judge Jaroslav Matyáš, SK - Excellent 1/1 CAJC Junior BOB
26.10.2019 - judge Hana Ahrens, AT - Excellent 1/2 CAJC BOS
27.10.2019 - judge Krystyna Opara, PL - Excellent 1/1 CAJC & Cruft's 2020 qu­alification

My handling:
JANKA z Bilice (Wire Vizsla) - Minor puppy class - 3× Very promising 1 aaaaaaaand...
BARON Le say Limity (MKS) - Trieda mladých - VD 3 :)
Baron is a handsome young boy, but he wasn't quite used to the show atmosphere as this was his first one and didn't want to present himself although he was perfect while training outside the hall... It's a pity but I'm sure next time will be better.

Big thanks for great results to all breed judges and also Lenka Fairaislová who wanted to shortlist Janka in BIS minor puppy ring yesterday, but could only pick 3 puppies so she didn't, but found us afterwards and praised Janka so much - thank you again for such kind words about this little rising star :) Overall fantastic weekend!

DuoDanube 2x CACIB Bratislava



17.8.2019 judge Alenka Pokorn, SLO
Junior class - VG 3
Thanks for last minute handling Renée Valentová

18.8.2019 judge Wojciech Burski, PL
Junior class - VG 3

Yesterday's pre-show walk ended at the vet and Bell under anesthesia in surgery. As she couldn't be alone after the procedure even for a while, our participation at the show didn't look well at all, but fortunately there were a few helping hands that saved the situation - thank you all once again for transport, care and handling of Freia on Saturday and also for yesterday's pacient-sitting.
But back to Freia's premiere in junior class. She got nice judgements on both days, according to the judges she has a beautiful upper line, good movement, excellent angulation of both pairs of limbs, cheerful and nice character, but it is still a puppy and needs time to grow and gain some weight :)
Most of all, I'm pleased about how Freia is inside. She and Bella are inseparable, but still surprised me by the fact that just after one sniff to her wound she understood what was going on, she cares for her, watches her, hugs her in her own way and supports her but at the same time as she normally starts games, now she's holding back and giving her space. She couldn't have a better character ♥

EDS Wels 2019


FREIA Silver Sfinx

Puppy class - Very promising 1 (/4)


Judge: Claudio de Giuliani, ITA

Freia and I entered the puppy class, she - I would say - traditionally presented herself beautifully, but I was very surprised that as the youngest of 4 females we won over the competitors! When the judge reached for a handshake, congratulated us and gave us all the papers, I could not resist shaking hands and tears of happiness rolled down from my eyes... I am very proud of Freia that even in big competition at European level she managed to beat even older females ♥

CACIB Nitra, SK 9.6.2019


FREIA Silver Sfinx

Puppy class - Very promising 1 (/2) ♥
Judge: Marián Konečný, SK


Freia presented herself beautifully today and although the reports were not written the judge praised her as a beautiful female and she managed the final ring brilliantly too. Thanks to our breeders Jirka and Mili and auntie Simona for great company. I'm proud of this gray baby :)