Not brood bitch

Arria Zeuleus

Date of birth: 16 January 2007

Date of death: 23 January 2020 

Registration: SPKP 2271

Breed: Hungarian shorthaired pointer - Vizsla

Sex: Female

Sire: Sharmarkasch Kisasszony NICK

Dam: ATHENA Danubius Family

COI: 2,649%

Breeder: Ing. ​Martin Kollár


I always knew this day would come and I tryed so hard to prepare for it, but it truly is an impossible task. I can hardly find any words good enough that would give you justice..... I wish I could do something, anything to stop time and make you stay. But I can't :-( You were our first dog, the one who started this whole canine madness, my best buddy to grow up with, sometimes the only constant in an otherwise crumbling world, my support, you literally saved my life more than once..... Without you I wouldn't be here today. And I'm eternally grateful for that, for each and every moment we had together. Thank you for everything, for being you just the way you were.
Many years ago I said that my life without you wouldn't make sense, because you are such a big part of me, of my heart. And it came true, it doesn't... The days are somehow different now since you're gone. Broken, even. You're no longer here to make them brighter and all I'm left with is a shadow of darkness hovering above at all times. Although I'm glad you don't feel no pain anymore, it is hard to let you go. Run free, my love... My queen... Love you forever & forget you never...

Arria was "only" a member of the family and a partner for sports and trips, with us always and everywhere, for better or worse. She was not hunted or exhibited, so she wasn't even a brood bitch and there are no offspring of hers. Forever in our ♥ and memories ....