We expect litter "A" for spring 2022!

Firehunter's kennel plans litter A of Weimaraners in the spring of 2022, mating occured on 14 & 16 March, therefore the birth is scheduled for mid-May and pick-up in the second half of July. The mother will be our Freia and the father a young very successful memorial and versatile dog used in practice, who is also a show champion with excellent temperament and health, so we expect puppies with great potential for shows, work and future breeding, or various dog sports.

I would like at least some puppies to go to show and / or work homes, of course I will help with everything, but the first thing for me is for them to have loving owners and have everything they need. Weimaraner is, like, for example a Vizsla, a very popular breed, but their nature, high energy and needs are not suitable for everyone. It is not enough for them to go only for short walks around the house 2-3 times a day, they need movement, work their heads and a thorough upbringing. It is not unmanageable, but definitely more demanding than some companion breed. If you are interested, you can contact me via the contact form at the bottom of the page, ideally also with a shorter introduction of yourself, your lifestyle, the motivations why you want a Weimaraner and future plans for the puppy.


PCh JCh Ch KV BIS Everlasting Orcan of Greynie "U"

Born 13.2.2019

Father: All-Star Alonso Atagora - JCh CZ / SK / AT / SLO, Ch CZ / SK / HU, C.I.E. | Forest ex. - 1. prize, Water ex. - 1. prize, Field (autumn) ex. - 1. prize | HD 0/0, ED 0/0, DCM clear

Mother: A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie - JCh CZ, BISS, JBIG, JBIS | Ability exam - 1. prize, Forest ex. - 1. prize, Field (autumn) ex. - 1. prize, All-round ex. - 1. prize "U" - Versatile working dog, Memoriál Fr. Horela 2018 - 1.prize, CACT | HD 0/0, DCM clear


Puppy champion SK, SK / HU Junior champion, Champion SK / BiH, Internation champion of beauty C.I.B., Club winner KChWS 2021 BOB & BIS + traveling cup holder KCHWS 2021, Multi BOB, BOS, BOJ, Candidate for GCh SK, Ch HU, C.I.E.


Ability exam - 1. prize, 184/184 points, 1.place; Water ex. - 1. prize, 91/108 points; Blood track ex. - 1.prize, 68 points, 2.place; Club Field (autumn) ex. - 1. prize, 242/248 points, 1.place; Winner of Weimaraner Cup 2021 (field+water) - 1.prize, title CACT; Forest ex. - 1. prize, 253 points; Cup of M.Korič 2021: Forest 1.prize, notifier 263 points and Water 1.prize 105 points - overall 2.place 368 points; International field & water trial - 1.prize, 3.place, title CACT; Memorial of Š. Krasňanský 2021 (all-round ex.) - 1.prize, 479 points, title CACT, best forest-notifier; Memorial of R. Jakoubek 2021 (club all-round ex. in CZ)- 2.prize, 444 points, search 4,4,4, pointing 4, nose 4; Memorial of J. Kadlec (all-round winner of SR) - 3.prize, 426 points, duck 4, pointing 4, nose 4; Club ability verification - full points

He is Working champion of SK and every year he actively applies his excellent working qualities in small game hunting practice


Complete dentition, scissor bite, without white markings, HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, DCM: clear (07/2021), L/L shorthaired (not carrier for longhair), Hereditary eye disseases: clear

I have been registering this young dog for a long time, but he only attracted my attention during the 2021 exam season, when he and his owner really unwrapped it and there was no exam or memorial at which they would fail, in many cases even in the leading places, not only at home in Slovakia but also abroad, in the Czech Republic, where the dog is imported from. It is unreal what the owner did with him as the first dog in such a short time. I have seen his working drive several times with my own eyes, used on various hunts even in very demanding terrain, so I can safely confirm his excellent diligence and also his character. In addition, he is successful at shows and, more importantly for me, he has all health examinations beautifully negative.


PCh JCh Ch KV CIB CIE Freia Silver Sfinx

Born 15.11.2018

Father: ALACER Royal Splendour - JCh CZ, Ch CZ, BISS, Club winner, JBISS | Ability exam - 1. prize,  Forest ex. - 1. prize, Water ex. - 1. prize, Field (autumn) ex. - 1. prize, All-round ex. - 2x 2. & 1x 1. prize "U" - Versatile working dog | HD 0/0, ED 0/0, DCM clear

Mother: COCO DÉLICE Silver Sfinx - Ch CZ / SK, GCh CZ, BISS, WDS Leipzig 2017 - Exc.1 CAC /20 (working cl.) | Field (autumn) ex. - 1. prize | DCM clear


SK Puppy Ch, SK Junior Ch, Ch HU / SK / HR, C.I.B., C.I.E., SK elite puppy winner 2019, European puppy winner 2019, Club winner KChWS 2021, BIS working 1st, Alpensieger, BOB - Best of breed, BIG 2 - Best in group 2. miesto, Cruft's 2020 qualification, Candidate for Ch SLO and AT


Blood track ex. - 1.prize, 62 points, Club Field (autumn) ex. - 1. prize, 228 points, in training for further exams and annually actively used in hunting practice for small game, after puppies we plan further exams


Complete dentition, scissor bite, without white markings, HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, L/L shorthaired (not carrier for longhair),  Hereditary eye disseases: clear, HUU: negative, Hypomyelination: negative, extensive DNA analysis for about 250 defects, predispositions and properties: all negative (protocol provided on request), DCM: clear (01/2022)

Freia is a very successful show champion and at the same time a passionate worker actively used in hunting practice, imported from the Czech Republic. In our free time we also do mushing sports - canicross, dog trekking and seasonally occasional skijoering. She is energetic, but at the same time calmer and prudent, absolutely non-conflicting, devoted to her family, affectionate and always in a good mood - even while I scold her, when she does something bad here and there 😁 She has a great character. She is also a regular blood donor for other dogs who need it, and with each donation she waits patiently almost without moving, lets strangers manipulate her without protests, and she always earns praise from veterinarians as a model patient. Health examinations in an above-standard range are all exemplary clear and negative, we also regularly do blood tests (not only) for the BARF diet and she is as healthy as a fish.

More information can be found on her page. 

Are you interrested in a puppy?

If you are interested and would like to apply for a puppy from us, please fill out a short questionnaire

What can a potencial puppy owner expect from us?

The planning of the litter will be announced soon enough and after the pregnancy confirmation by the veterinarian we will accept reservations for puppies. During pregnancy and after the birth of the litter we will publish appropriate information, photos and videos. From 21 days of age visits of aspiring owners or cuddle-nannies will be allowed 😍 From about three weeks of age we will start with gradual weaning from breast milk and feeding the puppies with so called BARF (bones and raw food). We will gladly introduce you to this way of feeding, but if the new owner decides to feed dry dog food we are willing to get the puppy used to it before leaving us.
We are not indifferent to the fate of our puppies and the selection of their new home will not be underestimated. Therefore all applicants shall be interviewed to find out in what environment and conditions would our offspring grow up and live, why the person wants to obtain a dog, what are his/her plans with the dog, etc.. The order in which the candidates have contacted us may not be decisive. For us it is essential that we are 100% sure that the puppies will have a great home and owners. Purchase contract protecting not only our kennel and the new owner but especially the dog in which both sides undertake to comply with certain conditions will be signed during one of the visits previous to the puppy departure. Each party will retain one copy. When the puppy leaves us (not earlier than at the conclusion of its 8th week of life) the new owner receives his pedigree (if it is already published by the studbook and delivered to our kennel), PetPassport (certificate of vaccination), USB with scans of pedigrees of the puppy and his parents + other documents and photos from the first day, a starter pack including a toy / blanket with the smell of the mother, collar + leash and food for the first few days. The puppies will be tattooed, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed several times, socialized, accustomed to household rush and will have at least basic hygiene habits. Of course there is also lifelong breeding service: consulting, demonstration at exhibitions, assistance with training, troubleshooting and more.

And what do we expect from him?

Responsible approach, firm decision about the acquisition of a new family member and at least a basic knowledge of the breed and breeding of dogs in general (of course we're happy to help and advise). A vision for the future life of the puppy - a dog is not a toy that you get rid of when you get bored! It requires time, patience, work and love. Suitable conditions for having a medium-sized active dog - this type of dog can be satisfied in an apartment as well as in a house, but it certainly needs contact with his owner, a lot of attention, employment and the possibility of discharging energy. Continuous contact throughout the life of our puppies. We would gladly look at pictures and learn how the dog's doing, what are its successes, its messes etc.. We also welcome personal contact with our puppies whether one by one or at litter meetings, meetings at various events (eg. exhibition, hunting or sporting events...) or joint trips. Given that we are radical opponents of puppy mills - production of dogs without pedigree, also this point will be treated in the purchase contract. By signing the new owner agrees that our offspring will not be used for the production of such dogs as either mother or father. Unless the owner wants to leed our puppy to be a proper stud dog/breeding bitch we strongly recommend to castrate the dog at a reasonable age. In case the owner of our offspring can no longer take care about the dog and for any reason will be forced to find him a new home, we ask to let us know as soon as possible (pre-emption rights of the kennel is also part of the purchase contract). Following procedure depends on the situation.